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SB Nation (on Yahoo Sports)
“[Between the Pipes] is a full and digestible history of some of the biggest names to play the position over the last 60 years. For a position that has become less interesting in recent years, these guys’ stories and careers still stand out.”
Click here  for full review (Sept. 7, 2014)

Captain’s Hockey
“The author really excels at storytelling; she describes the goalie’s lives in a compelling manner while also being able to include statistics and small details that really give character to these men.”
(May 21, 2014)

NY Sports Day
“But if you just like hockey, and want to learn more about those who tended goal from a variety of eras then a new book, Betweeen The Pipes, written by Randi Druzin, takes hockey fans on a great voyage into the lives and psyches of the men who have manned the goal across North America for over a half century.”
Click here for full review (February 18, 2014).

The Hockey Writers
“The book is filed with the most interesting information about some of the games greatest goalies to ever take to the ice. It’s a Hall of Fame calibre book filled with Hall of Fame goalies – a page-turner that will open your eyes to the human within these heroes.”
Click here  for full review (Dec. 13, 2013)

Staten Island Advance

“What this selection of goalies show is a wide range of personalities, from the super nice to the seemingly psychotic, but what they have in common is a love of the game, something that they obviously share with author Randi Druzin, who has written a great book about their lives. She has picked twelve of the best, and each profile is as winning as the player it portrays. You will wish there were more.”
Click here for full review. (Nov. 6, 2013)

The Hockey News
“Written in a honest voice with plain language, Between the Pipes takes a mesmerizing look back at the most brutal and demanding position in hockey and shines a light on the careers and lives of some of the goaltending greats, for better or for worse.”
(Nov. 4, 2013)

Joe Pelletier’s Hockey Book Reviews
“Druzin offers mini-bios on each of these 12 masked marvels, highlighting their quirks with her trademark wit along the way. She breaks down each of their careers chronologically, but she also seeks new insight into what makes these men tick. Often the result is amazing and fun stories that will make you think differently about some of hockey’s all time greats!”
Click here for full review. (Oct. 7, 2013)